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Reach out to inactive church members in a whole new way.

Maximize your reach and keep your congregants connected to your community. Use Hit Em Up to enhance communication and engagement in your church and its members, in an ever-changing world.

Effective Church Member Communication Made Easy

Mass Text for Churches to Church Members

Text Personally to your Church Congregation

Experience the power of personalized engagement and see the results in reviving the faith and engagement of your congregants with just one effective mass text campaign.


Mass Text Message Service For Church

Personalize your communication and build stronger relationships with your congregants!

  • • Differentiate yourself as a Faith Leader by using personalized communication and showing your congregation that you care through messages from your own cell phone.
  • • Build stronger connections with your congregants by inserting their names in a personal one on one message. Boost church and temple event turn outs.
  • • Engage your congregation with personalized biblical parables, torah passages, and faith based quotes or church announcements and prayer requests that personalize their spiritual journeys and helps them keep the faith in an ever more distracted world.


more replies than other non-personal bulk text church messaging services


more replies than email news letters


faster response time than emailing

*Derived From Source: Demographic Research, "WhatsApp usage patterns and prediction of demographic characteristics without access to message content". Figures are approximate based on using the app in the intended way (with personal connections): 80% reply rates to Personal Messges, 45% response rates for A2P Messaging, 8% Response Rate to Email, and 4.4% Response Rate to Direct Mailers.and from source: Effects of using mobile instant messaging on student behavioral, emotional, and cognitive engagement: a quasi-experimental study

Hit Em Up Mass Texts Increase Congregation Participation

We know in the modern era, getting the attention of your congregants is hard. Your Good Word is mixed in with information overload from social media and distractions both in church and in peoples' busy lives.

That's where Hit Em Up's effective Church Communication Tools come in. Hit Em Up places your Church's message on the same level of attention that all these apps that pull your congregants away from church are using by giving you and your church a presence directly on your congregants phones in the most personal and engaging way possible: a personal text message.

Mobile instant messages are what we call quasi-synchronous meaning that they are received and responded to in near real time (often within 1 minute). That makes your message sent through Hit Em Up more engaging and relevant than any other medium.

That means you can have a presence in your church members' spirtual and daily life experiences even when they’re not in church in that moment at nearly the same level of participation as when they are there.

See results fast. Most replies come in < 1min

Church Organizers who use Hit Em Up Mass Text Service Boost Church Member Engagement

"I love using Hit Em Up Mass Text for church event coordination. With its ability to create custom lists and groups, it is easily the best church member management platform for reaching out to our congregation and engaging our church community for event coordination, personalized bible verses, and more. Hit Em Up is our best friend in keeping our church community together in our modern world! I love that messages come from my own phone number too! It's so much more personal and people really respond to that.

Jan Shields • General Secretary • Oakley Baptist Church •

Connect with your congregation like never before with Mass Text from Hit Em Up. Reach out to church members, organize events, and keep everyone informed with personalized texts. Increase engagement and participation with Hit Em Up’s easy-to-use platform, perfect for church leaders, priests, and pastors. Streamline communication and coordination within your church community with Hit Em Up’s powerful personal mass text platform.

🚀 Next Steps

It's Time For Your First Mass Text Blast Off!


Download Hit Em Up. Click the link to get the app installed on your device for free.


Create a few groups in Hit Em Up including "Members," "Volunteers," and "Church Leadership Team." You can even import your congregation from a spreadsheet CSV file!


Send your first Message in Hit Em Up using the ::firstname:: tag saying Hi to your fellow faculty at your institution to see how the app works and share the app with them!

Churches Starting Their First Mass Text Often Want To Know:

Do you pay per message?

Nope! Hit Em Up is not only the most effective texting platform for creating personal connection, it's also the most affordable. We only charge a monthly or annual subscription. Learn more here

How many messages can I send per day/hour?

Hit Em Up places no limits on your sending, but you do need to comply with telecom regulation requirements which for a personal cell phone number typically limits commercial activity. If you want to limit the liklihood of being blocked by carriers for spam it means youll need to follow those rules which we describe here: Learn more here

Can I import my existing church members contact list?

Absolutely! We support importing from a CSV spreadsheet file directly in the app. Learn how here.

How do I create different groups for different segments of my congregation?

Hit Em Up makes creating lists and groups easy. You can create and update/modify as many lists and sublists as you like so that each segment of your church gets the perfect message just for them. You can create a list for "Volunteers," "Inactive Members," "Active Members," "Leadership Team," or any other custom list you like! We have an excellent guide here: How to Make Groups in Hit Em Up

Can I schedule messages in advance?

Hit Em Up Standard includes the ability to set reminders to send texts at a specific time so you can pre-plan your messages in advance!

Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can message?

Hit Em Up by default uses your own personal cell phone number and SMS app to send texts. That means we do not limit you in anyway, but there are some practical limitations you should be aware of from all carriers that are intended to curb spam messages. You can learn more about those soft limitations here and our advice on the topic!

Is there a cost to use the platform?

We offer a completely free trial when you download the app for 7 days! Then, if you like the app, you can purchase a subscription for as low as the price of a cup of coffee per month! Check out our pricing here.

Can I use the platform for other church communication needs, not just mass text?

Hit Em Up is a personalized texting tool which means even when you mass text, you're sending personal messages that are one on one. You can scale your texting campaigns to be as big or small as you like!

Is there customer support available if I have any issues?

Yep! We have some of the best customer support of any app because we believe that a product that helps people communicate more personally should also live by those same standards! That's why we have a dedicated team of specialists to help you get up and running with super quick response times. Press the chat head in the lower right to start a conversation or press help in the app!

Start my personal journey to a better way to text:


Open Hit Em Up


Send my first mass text


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Next Up: Import Your Church Into Hit Em Up

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With Hit Em Up, you can import your congregants directly from your roster. Just upload a CSV of your church members. Learn how here: