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Quick Start Guide

Hey! Welcome to Hit Em Up!

Are you on iPhone or iPad?​

If so start by clicking here.

It's the best way to send a mass text - a message that you can send to multiple people that's personal and private. Fast and easy on ** iPad, iPhone, Android, and Mac. **

Hit Em Up Video Tutorial​

Hit Em Up Step by Step Tutorial​

Create a New Group​

  1. Go to My List tab on Hit Em Up.


  1. Tap New to create a new group of people that were going to send personal private messages to. Pick anybody from your list or add new contacts later.


  1. Tap Next. Give your group a name.


Select the Sending mode​

  1. Select the Sending mode. The default setting is My Phone Number. It allows you to send mass texts to your group, but the replies only go back to you.


  1. Tap Create.

Compose your message​

  1. Write your message in the message field. They will receive a message that's personal using our ::firstname:: tag. You can also insert ::lastname:: or other tags you have access to on the contacts. You will notice the tag turns green to acknowledge it is a tag.


Send your mass texts​

  1. Tap Send Separately.

  2. You will then see preview of your message. You can see that the name is in green, just to let us know that we're customizing each message to each contact. It's automatically pulling up the name from the contact data. Then, tap Send Separately.


  1. The app pops the message to send to each contact. Tap the Send button to each message to avoid being marked as spam. Tap Done.


Check Message History​

  1. Your message shows up in History so that you can review it later and you can see who got the message. That's it! Your groups will show up in My Lists section.

If you want to learn more, tap the My Hit Em Up button and then Tutorials. That will take you to our tutorial page, where you can learn all about the cool features in Hit Em Up.

Start Hitting Em Up to make more sales, increase engagement in your congregations, and so much more! We can't wait to see what you've come up with, with Hit Em Up. And how you engage with your customers and personal contacts. πŸ™‚