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Hit Em Up Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't receive a verification code

Don't worry! Your carrier is probably blocking "short codes" on your line. That's the type of number we use to send you your authorization text message.

To fix it, simply call your carrier's 611 number and request that they "Don't Block ShortCodes" on your line.

Then try again! If that doesn't work please reach out to us below on our support form πŸ™‚

Do you have a tutorial?

Yes, absolutely my friend. Here is a quick start video! You can also navigate to our tutorials at the top of our site here to learn more about specific features.

Can I send a video attachment?

Yes! To send a video you should paste a Youtube Link πŸ”— to your message! Let's watch how:

You can also learn more about video messaging via text message here

Can I import lists or contacts from a CSV or Excel spreadsheet?

I can't find some of my contacts or some of my contacts have gone missing! Where are they?

Don't worry! Hit Em Up tries to be a clever little app which looks for duplicate contacts, contacts missing information like phone numbers or names and hides the ones which it thinks you'll find less useful. Sometimes, contacts you've selected get inadvertently hidden when our algorithm improves or your contacts' information changes. πŸ˜ͺ Don't Fear! They haven't gone anywhere. πŸ˜‡ If you feel that contacts are hidden that shouldn't be in a group: At the top of the group click the blue link that says "Hidden Members" to see the options to quickly unhide all hidden people in your group. If you can't find a contact in general that you think you should have, go to the Hidden contacts menu in the main menu of the app and search for it. You can always unhide contacts we hide for you or that you have opted to hide in the past.

How do I remove someone from a group or update an existing list?

Swipe the person to the left and tap "remove from group":

Why do I have to press send for each message?

Great question! No app on the app store can automatically send text messages on your behalf from your personal cell phone Messages App because Apple keeps tight security over your messages app to protect you from would-be spammers. Here's the silver lining ⛅️: Carriers, including your own, are looking for certain patterns of text message behavior that look normal. If you were sending more than 1 per second from your phone, you are greatly increasing your chances of being inadvertently caught in spam filter and getting your cell phone's texting disabled for up to 48 Hours 😰! But because you're sending one at a time to people you know, you're playing it safe β˜€οΈ

Please also read our blog post on industry guidelines on texting and what the definition of what spam is here.

Is there a limit to how many messages I can send?

With our current plans, WE do not limit you at all. However, your carrier may limit you based on your plan and based on the number of messages you send per day. Here's the thing. We can all agree that spam and spammers are bad. They clutter our airwaves and thoughts and generally are malicious. So Carriers put into place some ways of catching spammers! YAY! Right? Well sorta. Carriers use black box metrics that look for certain behavior that is indicative of spam including, but not limited to

  • Sending a lot of messages in quick succession

  • Sending around or more than 250 messages a day

  • Using aggressive or salesy language in your messages

  • Having links to obscure sites

  • Conversations that look one-directional (you're texting people, but they're not texting you back)β€” for reference, texting was designed to be two-directional and conversational and we totally think that it should be too.

  • Sending non-unique texts (each one is identical)β€” luckily Hit Em Up has you covered there with our first and last name tag inserts at your fingertips that personalize each message Please also read our blog post on industry guidelines on texting and what the definition of what spam is here.

How do I turn off the Sent With Hit Em Up signature?

All paid plans remove the signature. Subscribe to any plan to remove it. If you still have trouble contact us on support :)

How much does it cost? How do I cancel?

πŸ†“ Start off with a free 7 day trial on the house on iOS and 10 days on Android (no credit card or commitment of any kind required). Then, if you like it we currently offer different pricing depending how long you'd like the service and what features you want. And while we'd hope you love the service, to cancel on iOS you don't have to do anything since we'll actively remind you to renew manually when your subscription is going to expire. If you don't want to use it anymore, then don't renew. On Android, tap Google Play App, Open the Menu -> tap Subscriptions -> Hit Em Up -> Cancel Subscription. It's that simple πŸ˜ƒ We do not offer refunds or partial refunds for purchased subscriptions as we give you ample time to try the software and let you pick, explicitly, a plan that's right for you after you've had enough time to experience the power of Hit Em Up for yourself.

To see a price sheet, click here