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Hit Em Up Mass Text Bulk SMS Features

🀝 Personalized 1:1 Texts​

Show you care about every recipient by customizing each message with contact specific tags like First and Last Name.

🧠 Smart Groups​

Create groups from your contacts to distribute your texts to just the right people.

πŸ“Έ Photo Attachments​

Attach photos to your iMessage and SMS messages quickly and easily.

πŸ“„ Templates​

Save and reuse text messages you need frequently.

⏰ Schedule Messages​

Schedule Message Campaigns for a future date. Receive a push notification when its time to send.

⛅️ Access your groups on all your devices​

Made a group on your mac? Send a message from your iPhone. In Hit Em Up you always have your groups with you, no matter where you made them.

⬇️ Import from CSV​

Hit Em Up lets you import lists from a CSV file. Great for teachers to mass text their students their grades or to text your clients who signed up on your google form!

πŸ‘ͺ Smart Selectors​

β€’ Query for just the right people to send to and automatically update groups. e.g. ::birthday:: is Today or ::company:: is 'Apple'.

To see which features are in which plan, check out our pricing page or
Explore our tutorials to see all the amazing features at work.

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