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How to Send BCC Text Message on iPhone and Android

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Zakery Kline


Curious how to send a BCC Text Message from your iPhone or Android phone? You probably read help articles like this and couldn't find a good answer. Do you want to get the word out to a lot of people, but do not want your recipients to see each other or their replies? Well, look no further: Here's how to send a BCC Text Message to quickly blind copy selected contacts on your phone with personalized, individual messages like a group text where replies only come back to the sender (you).

Step 1: Get Hit Em Up App. Hit Em Up is a mass text app with bbc. It's entirely free to try, and it's the absolute best way to send BCC Text Message messages from your iPhone or Android Device:​

how-to-send-text-to-multiple-contacts-without-group-message-mass-text-hit-em-up-iPhone-Apple-App-Store how-to-send-text-to-multiple-contacts-without-group-message-mass-text-hit-em-up-Android-GooglePlay-Store

Step 2: Open Hit Em Up and select the folks you'd like to send your BCC Text Message Blast to like this:​


Step 3: Compose your personalized BCC Text Message by tapping the 'Compose' Button:​


Notice how you can insert the Firstname and Lastname of your contacts' into your private BCC Text Message, letting you personalize your mass text and make each recipient feel unique and special.

Step 4: Tap 'Next' to preview how your BCC Text Message will look like to each recipient before you send it off as individualized mass text messages. It's basically a group text with the reply to sender only.​


Step 5: Tap "Send to 'X' number of contacts." This button will send your BCC Text Message messages to each person individually so that they are unique to each person and the reply goes to the sender only. You are organizing your BCC Text Message messages like a group text, but the replies go to the sender only, and it's entirely private between each recipient and you (they can't see who else you sent your BCC Text Message to).​

The best part is that the messages come from your own personal phone number, just like if you sent them normally with your SMS or iMessage Messages App!

So give Hit Em Up App a try to send your BCC Text Message. It's entirely risk-free and free to try. No Credit Card or commitment of any kind required. Our community of leaders loves it as you'll see in the reviews on the App Store before you download it and please ask us any questions if you get stuck! We have some of the best support around!

how-to-send-text-to-multiple-contacts-without-group-message-mass-text-hit-em-up-iPhone-Apple-App-Store how-to-send-text-to-multiple-contacts-without-group-message-mass-text-hit-em-up-Android-GooglePlay-Store


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