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Personal Trainer Text Message Marketing

· 5 min read
Zakery Kline

Personal Trainer Mass Text

Many personal trainers are now using Hit Em Up to send personalized mass text messages to their customers and clients.

We’ve interviewed some of our most successful Personal Trainer partners to learn how they use Hit Em Up to help their clients succeed in meeting their fitness goals and grow their business.

Here’s a curated list of the top responses we’ve gathered...

Q: How do you use Hit Em Up?


I love the app! I personally use it to organize the group training sessions I have throughout the week and remind my clients about upcoming classes. I have gotten a lot of positive responses from sending out personalized motivational texts that encourage my clients to eat healthy and maintain our shared fitness vision. It [Hit Em Up] has made it so much easier to manage my clients’ success and has upgraded my fitness class and personal training session biz into a fitness concierge with very little effort.

Q: Have you learned anything interesting from your experience with using us?


Absolutely. Firstly, the app greatly increased my open dialog with my customers. This in itself didn’t really improved my business, but I noticed a few things. My customers now tell me a lot more about their experiences and I’ve started to notice trends amongst my clients and their fitness habits, which has allowed me to improve my class. Also, and probably more interestingly to your readers, my customers see me as a closer friend and are recommending me to their friends. I was definitely getting referral business before I started using your app to text people, but if I could best quantify the experience I’d say your app has helped me become ‘sticky.’ I’m the go to person when my network thinks of fitness now. I get texted by my customers who are practicing independently and get asked about everything from form to what they should tell their friend about how to exercise their legs after knee surgery. I’ve gotten really good leveraging these opportunities for new business and I can’t tell you how much just being this present with my customers has changed my [business] life.

Q: Is there anything about [Hit Em Up App] you really like or have found especially useful for your use-cases you mentioned?


Well, I’m still trying new experiments everyday with the app. The latest thing I’ve been working on is segmenting my clients into different groups. I already used your group feature to put my classes into separate groups and manage my lists / signups that way. But lately, I’ve been trying something new. In addition to the existing groups that I made based on category of client, I have started to use the groups feature to create segments based on the type of person the client is. So I have a group now called “Needs Extra Push,” where these are my clients who I see need a bit of a (positive) kick in the rear to help them meet their goals and I send them an appropriate text to do just that. Then I have another one called “Self Motivated”— to them I send helpful hints so that they can practice in between sessions. Again, I’m really focused when it comes to my messages. I don’t like to bother my customers with a lot of announcements or superficial stuff. Each message is designed to do two things:

  1. Keep me top of mind and show I care.
  2. Help my customers achieve the goals they set out when they came to me in the first place.

Q: We asked: Is there anything you’d want other personal trainers to know?


Honestly, I’m reluctant to have shared as much as I have because being a personal trainer is super-competitive. People have a lot of options with a lot of different styles and the app has really given me an awesome advantage. That said, the app is just too good not to share. I have a philosophy when it comes to fitness and that’s that we all do better when we’re healthy and happy. Hit Em Up really helps me promote health and definitely let’s me do my best to keep my clients happy which ultimately makes me happy. I think you’ll find that PTs don’t get into this line of work for just the money. We are people persons who are passionate about health and wellbeing and helping people achieve their goals. If sharing this helps potential clients have a better experience with another PT then that’s still a success in my book. So I guess my message is: Give it a try, invest the time in setting it up for your business (it doesn’t take that long), and see if you experience the gains. Can’t hurt to try, right?

*This article is an amalgamation of our conversations with our customers and our own experience using the Hit Em Up software, but is not based on a certain interview or conversation and no response in the article should be considered to be an actual response from an interviewee or representational of any one person’s ideas or thoughts. It is presented in the form of Q&A for your convenience and entertainment. If you’re a Hit Em Up App user and want to be interviewed, please contact us! We’d love to create a video post and write up about how you successfully are using the app in your community or business!


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