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How to send Mass Text To All Contacts on iPhone

Β· One min read
Zakery Kline

Hit Em Up makes sending a personalized mass text to all contacts on iPhone easy!​


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2. Open the app from your phone and after it syncs your contacts, tap the "Select All" button in the upper left to select all your contacts on your iPhone.​


3. Tap "Compose" next to the "Select All" button and type the mass text you want to send to all contacts on your iPhone. Helpful Hint: Use the "Firstname" and "Lastname" buttons to insert your contacts' first or last name into the message to make it personal!​


4. Press the "Next!" button in the upper right corner with the paper airplane on it to preview your message.​

5. Press Send! That's it! Hit Em Up will prompt you to send your message through your normal iPhone Messages App quickly for each person!​

And that's how to send a mass text on iphone without it being a group text!​


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