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How to send text to multiple contacts without group message?

· 4 min read
Zakery Kline

How to send text to multiple contacts without group message?

In times when everybody has at least three messengers, tons of emails, and accounts on social media it seems easy to reach to people. However, when we need to send text to multiple contacts without group message and make sure they read it, SMS is still the #1 way to send mass texts.

Recent research shows that SMS have the highest open rate comparing to emails and messengers. It happens because to see a message on WhatsApp or Telegram people must open the app, while SMS just strike them, and there’s no way out but to see it.

Say you want to notify your customers that your shop starts a massive sale. Emails will likely end up in the spam folder. Group SMS is not an option because it shows your customer that they are not the only one who received it. Everybody wants to feel important so what you need is to personalize those texts. So how to send text to multiple contacts without group message?

Introducing Hit Em Up Mass Texting App

Hit Em Up is an app for iOS for send text messages to multiple contacts without using group message feature. The app is used worldwide by business owners, event promoters, personal accountants, clergymen, fitness coaches and many more audiences. HitEmUp lets people send mass texts that can automatically include contact’s first and/or last name.

Event promoters use it to tell their audience about the upcoming events. Coaches send everyday motivations to their trainee. Clergymen notify their congregations about the prayers. Small businesses can text their employee to tell about meetings and some changes, and their customers as well.

how-to-send-text-to-multiple-contacts-without-group-message-mass-text-hit-em-up-iPhone-Apple-App-Store how-to-send-text-to-multiple-contacts-without-group-message-mass-text-hit-em-up-Android-GooglePlay-Store

How to send use Hit Em Up for mass texts?

The app is available for iOS, Android, and Mac. You can download the app from the AppStore or Google Play. Hit Em Up is free to download and all users get a week trial. The interface is simple yet feature-packed. Let’s study how to perform the simplest task – sending texts to multiple contacts.

To send texts to multiple contacts you need to:

  1. Select contacts
  2. Write a message
  3. Tap ‘Send’ Hit Em Up ensures none of the texts are spammy, so users need to tap send for each contact. In total, you can send a hundred of SMS to multiple contacts in 2 minutes.

Three simple actions save hours of your time, and the recipients get personalized messages feeling that you care about them. In times when we all have some many ways to communicate, it’s difficult to ensure they read our messages.

Other features

Templates are great when you know you’re going to say the same words to different people, like ‘The meeting has been rescheduled to ::time::. Small business owners know that it’s always pain in the ass to notify 15 members of their team about some change, especially if they’re not using a corporate message software, like Slack.

Availability & Subscription

Hit Em Up is currently available for users worldwide, but some features may only be available in USA and Canada. To send texts to multiple contacts without group message, you users need to have an active subscription to the service. The current price is $4.99/month when you buy a year. The great part is, only you need to have the app with an active cellular connection to use it. Your recipients don't even need to know you have it! Messages appear as a normal SMS or iMessage to them.


Bottom Line

SMS has and will be the most effective way to convey a message to a large audience. Even if all your contacts aren’t connecting on a single network, like Facebook or Telegram, it’s not a problem for Hit Em Up.

The app makes it simple to send text to multiple contacts without group message, making it a great alternative to iPhone’s Group Message feature. Instead of typing a message, and then copy-pasting it a hundred time, you create a single message, select contacts and tap send. Easy as that.


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