How to Send Mass Text Individually

A lot of people ask us for a guide on how to send text messages in bulk, but individually and one on one as a Mass Text so we decided to face that question head on and give you a guide from start to finish on how to Send a Mass Text Individually One on One as a sort of BCC Group Text from your iPhone:

  1. Download Hit Em Up App (it's free to try on the app store):
Tap Here from Your iPhone to Open Hit Em Up

2. Select the contacts from the list you'd like to send to OR if you want to send mass texts individually as BCC Group Texts to the same people more often than just the one time, create a Group from the "Groups" tab and press "Add People" in the upper right corner to add those people to a group for sending to any time you want.

3. Tap "Compose" and write a personal message and use the "firstname" and "lastname" buttons above the keyboard to personalize it so that each message is customized for the contact!

Insert FirstName into Mass Text Group Text BCC

4. Press "Next!" in the upper right corner of the screen after pressing Done on the compose screen to preview and send your message!

5. Sit back and enjoy sending your BCC Group Text individually to your group so that your message comes in individually and personal to your contacts even though it's a mass text!

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  1. Great information, I have a thousand phone number and contact name in excel format, can I download that directly or do I have to type in the name and number one by one?

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  2. I just tried your app with a free trial. And everything worked great except the actual sending of the message was not automated. I still had to manually hit the send button within iMessage. The app did automatically copy the message over to iMessage for each person I wanted to send it too. Is this really how it works, I assumed once I composed the message within Hit Em Up and hit send the rest would be automated. Have I missed something?

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