How To Add a list CSV, vCard, or Excel xls file to my iPhone Apple Contacts

A lot of people ask us how to send a mass text to a list in a csv or excel file so we made the definitive guide on how to do just that. Here we cover how to import a csv, outlook, CRM export, and Excel doc into iCloud and Apple Contacts on your iPhone for sending with Hit Em Up! In this guide we will make a group on your computer (Mac or PC are fine) via your iCloud account which will automatically sync with your contacts on your phone! We also provide a file below to make the process super easy! So let's get started:

Step 1. Download this blank .csv file:

Download Blank CSV for use With Google Contacts

Step 2. Copy the contents FROM YOUR csv / excel file's contents TO the file you just downloaded, matching the title fields on the downloaded file (contained in the first row) with your corresponding data and save it. Make sure you DO NOT DELETE OR ALTER THE FIRST ROW TITLES.

Step 3. Go to contacts.google.com and tap "Import" in the bottom left corner.


Step 4. Click import from the side menu, click "Select file," and upload your file using the file picker (the file you downloaded above, with your data in it).

Step 5. Find the newly imported list on the side menu and ensure the contacts look right. Then navigate to the "Export" button on the left.
Select the newly imported list from the drop down and select "Export As vCard (iOS)"

Step 6. Navigate and sign into your iCloud account which is on your iPhone here: www.iCloud.com and click "Contacts."

Step 7. Press the plus under the side menu and create a new group called whatever you like such as "Hit Em Up Sender Group"

Step 8. Click your new group and drag and drop your vCard you downloaded from Google.

Step 9. Open Hit Em Up Personal Mass Text on your iPhone and select your group which should now be imported and press "Next" in the upper right to start Sending to your freshly imported group!
If you don't see the group yet you can press import from the menu of Hit Em Up and ensure that you're signed into iCloud on your device!

Tap to Open Hit Em Up and Start Sending

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  1. Ok, so I have contacts saved as csv, and when I try to copy it over in the first column of the google csv file I downloaded from here, it copies it as one row instead of multiple like it should. What else should I try?

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      Hi Ivy!

      Are you saying that when you copy your first column of data from your csv it pastes it into one cell in Excel? You may want to select the whole | column | and try pasting and see if that helps. If you can clarify a bit more and perhaps attach an image (redacted of personal information) we can help more (or fill out a support ticket and we’ll contact you back if it’s more comfortable).


      1. Well I can’t figure out how to attach an image to this comment, so I’ll explain differently. I downloaded the blank csv with “fake person” in there. I then went to my excel sheet (also in csv form) and copied the whole column as you did in your video, tried to paste it in by clicking on the B column and apple/c’d in there. It copied the first names in the B column but as one row, so all as one giant ‘1’ row in the B column. Make sense?

        Edit: I mean apple/v’d it in there…

        1. Oh my word….I was trying to copy it online. I hadn’t yet downloaded it. Problem solved. Never mind. Going to crawl in a hole now…after I text my people.

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  2. Hi thank you for this. What if I already have most of the contacts IN my iCloud BUT not in groups. Can I still used this method?

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  3. What do you do if you already use google and you already have thousands of contacts in there? I couldn’t find any way to sort out the contacts that I’d just imported.

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      Hi Raylene,

      We automatically sync with your contact book on your iPhone. If you have google syncing with your iPhone, then Hit Em Up will sync with them too. However, when you grant access to the contact book on iOS, it does not recognize / share with us Google’s Contact-book Groups – only groups created with iCloud which Hit Em Up can sync with for you.

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