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Writing Personalized Messages

Tips on Writing Personalized Messages

  1. You should write your message as if it is intended for that specific person only.

  2. Make your text looks like you are talking face to face.

  3. Consider the time and relevance of the message.

How to write Personalized messages?

If you are talking face-to-face to a person, you would usually call that person by their first name. Hit EM Up has a personalization feature where you can insert your contact firstname. As simple as adding their first name to your text makes a great impression and will definitely put a smile on their faces.

Let's say you scheduled a meeting with your clients today.

Hi, ::firstname::! I look forward to seeing you today! Just tap the ::firstname:: tag below the text field to add the first name insert.


When you tap Preview/Send, it will show as:

Hi, Febee! I look forward to seeing you today!


That's it!

** Always remember! **


The more personalized your message is, the more smiles you'll get, and more smiles mean more business. ☺️