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Β· 3 min read
Zakery Kline

Hey! Welcome to Hit Em Up!​

It's the best way to send a mass text - a message that you can send to multiple people that's personal and private. Fast and easy on iPad, iPhone, Android, and Mac.


My Hit Em Up Tutorial for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Mac.​

To get started-

1. Go to My List tab on Hit Em Up.​


2. Tap New to create a new group of people that were going to send personal private messages to. Pick anybody from your list or add new contacts later.​


3. Tap Next. Give your group a name.​


4. Select the Sending mode. The default setting is My Phone Number. It allows you to send mass texts to your group, but the replies only go back to you.​


5. Tap Create.​

6. Write your message in the message field. They will receive a message that's personal using our ::firstname:: tag. You can also insert ::lastname:: or other tags you have access to on the contacts. You will notice the tag turns green to acknowledge it is a tag.​

7. Tap Send Separately.​

8. You will then see preview of your message. You can see that the name is in green, just to let us know that we're customizing each message to each contact. It's automatically pulling up the name from the contact data. Then, tap Send Separately.​


9. The app pops the message to send to each contact. Tap the Send button to each message to avoid being marked as spam. Tap Done.​


10. Your message shows up in History so that you can review it later and you can see who got the message. That's it! Your groups will show up in My Lists section.​

If you want to learn more, tap the My Hit Em Up button and then Tutorials. That will take you to our tutorial page, where you can learn all about the cool features in Hit Em Up.

Start Hitting Em Up to make more sales, increase engagement in your congregations, and so much more!​

We can't wait to see what you've come up with, with Hit EM Up. And how you engage with your customers and personal contacts. πŸ™‚β€‹

Β· 2 min read
Zakery Kline

Are you tired of typing the same messages over and over again?​

Copying and pasting? That's kind of one of the core features of Hit Em Up, getting rid of that copy-paste mentality. And one of the ways we let you do that is with Templates.


How to save Templates in Hit Em Up?​

Let me show you how that works.

Now, here's a message thread with my customers. We've already been sending quite a few messages to these folks, but what if we want to send a message recurrently or we just have a message that we want to use in multiple groups or lists, and we don't want to have to copy-paste and remember where we put it.


Luckily, we have a button just for that. Right here is this little paper icon.


This paper icon shows you all your templates right now. I have none.


But let's show how we can save a new template very easily. So I'm going to quickly write a message into my text field here, just like normal.


Awesome! This looks pretty good. I think I want to reuse this template multiple times. So what I'm going to do is press the paper icon.

Now you'll see that your message is at the top, and we're going to just go ahead and flip on the resave as template and then tap Save.


You'll notice that the icon turned green. That's because we have a saved template now, and it's highlighted.


Β· 4 min read
Zakery Kline

How to change Sending Mode in Hit Em Up?​

Hit Em Up gives you many ways to send messages to your customers on the platform they use most.


Let's look and see all those options and where you can edit them by selecting one of the lists.

In this case, My Customers - tapping on the name at the top of the conversation.​


Here you can see there's this thing that says Send Message Using and currently selected as My Phone Number.


My Phone Number is the default option. It's probably the one you want. It's the one that gives you personal private messages over SMS and iMessage.

But we have other options. We can choose Group SMS.​


We can choose Group SMS. Group SMS is nonprivate, as in everybody can see everybody's response. Group text is only good for up to nine people on iPhone and 20 on Android. The reason for that is that the group text is really for friends, family, and small groups of people you want to send messages to. It's not designed for mass texting. If you try to mass text using this option, your phone number will get blacklisted from your carrier, so don't try.

Next, let's look at Personalized Email.​


Personalized email works exactly like My Phone Number, instead of sending to a phone number or SMS, iMessage, etcetera. Personalized email sends via email, which is super cool! One great option is to use Personalized email as a way to send long-form messages because texting is designed to be just for short messages that get your point across. But suppose you need to convey a lot of information that should really be in a blog post. In that case, personalized email is a much better option, and what we like to do is send a big message via email, but then send a small notification via text message using my phone number to the same group of people. So you can say, "Hey, ::firstname::! Just want to let you know I sent you an email that I hope you'll take a moment to read". And then using Personalized email mode, you can go back and send that longer form message that is designed for computer reading or on an iPad. That's really the right way to handle long messages. To use email for short, quick messages that people need to be notified about quickly; my phone number is perfect for that case.

We also offer WhatsApp, and you'll notice it on your device.​


You might even have more sending options than what they're listed here. So feel free to read the description and change the settings by tapping the one you want to use and then clicking Save when you're ready.

So now My Customers will use My Phone Number.​

I'll type, "Hi, ::firstname::!". Then tap Send Separately.


You'll see that it uses individualized SMS mode, which is what we want.


It pops up using the iMessage dialog. Press Send.

Let's go back to my list and change to Personalize Email mode.​


So, now that I'm on Personalized Email mode. I'll click Save and send the same message.


Great. There's a nice little message with a subject.

So here we have a preview of our email that we're going to send, and you'll notice it says personalized email at the top, and we can scroll through and see that that looks pretty good.


Click Send Separately.​

And now we get the email dialog that pops up. Press Send.


So you'll see that it'll show you which sending mode you use to send with here.


By the way, when you create a new group, you also are still given those options of which sending mode you want to use for that group by default.


But you can always change them later, as you just saw. That's it for sending options.

Stay tuned for other great tutorials on our website and in the app.

To find all of our tutorials, go to the My Hit Em up tab in the application, tap learn and get help, and then tutorials.​


Have a great day! 😊

Β· 2 min read
Zakery Kline

Sending messages with attachments in Hit Em Up is super easy.​


When you tap on a group, you can write the message in the message field just like normal, including the ::firstname::, ::lastname::, or whatever you like. Then to attach photos -

Tap on the little attachment icon attachment-icon-hit-em-up.

Select the images that you want to attach from the photo library and tap Done. You will see the photos will show up right above the message bar.​

Note: You can only attach one (1) photo on Android.


If you don't think that one photo is good, you can tap ❌ to remove it.


Repeat Step 1 if you want to attach more photos.​

When you're ready to send, click Send Separately.


You will see a preview of your message with the attachments where you can scroll up and down to see what they look like. Tap Send for each contact. That's it!


Where do I attach videos?​

Well, that's a pretty good question!

Videos, documents, and PDFs - we don't allow you to attach those directly yet. That is because not all your recipient's phones can handle all the different types of message types. What we recommend to do instead is to paste a link to, say, a Youtube video or a Google drive file to whatever file you are interested in uploading to a third-party service and put it at the end of your message.


You will see it appear as a black text right there. But the cool thing is when you actually go to send it, the video will convert directly into a playable thing that we can see right in iMessage, and so can your recipients.


That is how we can attach videos or files as a link to a third-party site like Youtube or

Pretty cool! πŸ˜Žβ€‹

Β· 4 min read
Zakery Kline


If you are looking for an app to send mass text individually on iPhone, these are a few things you need to consider.​

1. Does it save you time?

2. Does it sync with your contacts?

3. Does it send personalized messages using your number?

4. Will it let you attach photos?

5. Will you be able to create and save Templates?

6. Will it let you try it for free? No strings attached!

Have you ever wondered if there is an app with all these features and can send mass text individually on iPhone?​



How do I send mass text individually on iPhone?​


All you need is an app that will let you send mass text individually on iPhone!

1. Download the app.​


2. Create a group within the app or select recipients from your Contact List.​

Create a group within the app

3. Compose your message and insert tags like their [firstname] and [lastname] so each message is unique.​

Hi [firstname]! -> Hi Febee!

4. Press Preview/Send.​

Note: Press send for each message that pops up. You will notice how each message is sent individually on iPhone. Try it now and let us know your feedback!

How to send a mass text on iPhone without Group?​

I have mentioned in the above article that Hit Em Up allows you to select Contacts from your Contact List or create a group within the app. So, once you've chosen the people you intended to send a mass text on your iPhone without a Group, you can compose your message and insert tags for their first name or last name to make your recipients feel special, that you made time for them, by texting them personally.


When you tap Preview/Send, you will see how the message will look like from your receiver's view. You will notice how each message is personalized and one on one! It is indeed a mass text on your iPhone without it being a group text! πŸ™‚

It is the best app for Group Text with BCC because your recipients cannot see each other, and each reply comes back individually without it being a group text. Plus, your recipients will never know that you used Hit Em Up to send the message! Try it Now! πŸ™‚

Check out some of our 5-star reviews from the leaders who discovered how using Hit Em Up to send a mass text on iPhone has made their life so much better!​




Hit Em Up with your most extraordinary and personalized messages.​

Download now!

Hit Em Up is the best app to send mass text individually on iPhone. The app is used by business owners, NGOs, fitness and wellness coaches, and many more.

Business owners use it to mass text their employees about updates and special announcements. Using the app to send mass text individually can keep their employees well-informed and updated. Wellness coaches send a motivational mass text every day. They inspire their clients to reach their goals.

More iOS users utilize the app to send mass text individually on iPhone because it saves them time as they don't have to copy and paste each message for each recipient. They can keep frequently used messages like a meeting or a reminder as Templates. Making it easier for them to send the mass text the next time they need it. Hit Em Up also syncs with their contacts, so they don't have to worry they might miss sending a message to someone from their list! And the best thing is they can attach photos and include links to their video! πŸ™‚

Are you aware that there are rules and limitations set by your carrier when you send a mass text individually on iPhone? Fret not! We've got you covered! We have created a guide where you can avoid being tag as spam. You can read our blog post on How to Write Text Messages for Marketing Campaigns That Avoid Spam Filters and Message Send Failures!

** Try the app now and send mass text individually on your iPhone! I swear, it is life-changing! πŸ™‚ **



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Β· 4 min read
Zakery Kline

Dear Febee! I have a Windows Computer and I want to import a .csv file to Hit Em Up. I saw you have this guide for importing to iCloud on Mac and on Windows that uses Google Contacts to convert the csv to a vCard, but is there a way to do it on my PC? - Hit Em Up Windows User​

Febee: Hey there Windows User! While on Mac there is an easy way to import contacts from a csv directly to the Contacts App on your Mac which then automatically syncs to your iPhone, iPad, and any other devices logged into your iCloud account that is on your Macβ€” doing it from a PC requires a little extra work, but that's the price we pay for not joining the Apple Cult Completely!


Not to worry! I compiled a guide below and put together a video (audio dubbed by the CEO himself... because some of us have things to do) to help you get your CSV file converted to a vCard with no additional downloads or special software. Everything is built into your PC. We hope you enjoy it and if you find using the Command center on Windows tough, please feel free to just follow our original guide here that uses Google Contacts to Assist you.


Windows CSV to VCF Video Guide​

Convert a CSV file to vCard on Windows

The ultimate guide to converting a CSV on Windows:​

* Have a Mac? Click Here to learn how to import to Mac *

1. To Import CSV file to iCloud, click on the Windows + R key together or simply click on Start button Windows icon and search for Run. Next, press Enter key.​

2. Type in Contacts and hit Enter.​


3. Click the >>, select Import​


4. Select the file format you want to import the contacts from, in this case, our file format is .csv so Select β€œCSV (Comma Separated Values)β€œ, click Import and choose a file to import by clicking Browse. Browse the location of the CSV file and select that. Click Next.​

5. Map the required or appropriate fields and click on the Finish button.​

Note: Make sure to tick "Import this field" if you want the information added to your contact details.

6. Now all contacts are now converted to a Contact File. Now, click the >>, select Export.​


7. This time, we are going to select β€œvCards (folder of .vcf files)”. Select the folder for VCF Export. You can browse another location to save it or you can save it in the Contacts folder, just make sure to create a new folder and rename it to separate the Contact File from the VCF file. After that, click OK.​


Now, the downside with Windows vCard export is the VCF version 2.1. ** iCloud doesn’t support VCF versions 2.1 and below. It only supports VCF versions 3.0 and above. **

Thus, we have to update the version from VCF 2.1 to VCF 3.0. Since we converted multiple contacts, we will combine all contacts into one file so it would be easier for us to find and replace the text and update the VCF version.

a) Click on the Windows + R key together or simply click on the Start button windows-icon and search for CMD. Next, press Enter key.

b) Type in cd (this is a command to change directory/folders) and copy and paste the file location. Press Enter.

Sample: cd C:\Users\Users\Contacts

❗️Don’t forget the space after cd

c) Type in *copy .vcf allcontacts.vcf and hit Enter.

d) Open your contacts folder and look for the new allcontacts.vcf which will contain all of your contacts inside that single vCard file.

e) Right click allcontacts.vcf and open with a text editor (You can choose Notepad) to update the version from 2.1 to 3.0.

f) Find VERSION: 2.1. Delete 2.1 and type 3.0


g) Click Edit and select Replace…


  1. Find what: VERSION:2.1

  2. Replace with: VERSION:3.0 then click Replace All.


8. Save allcontacts.vcf by pressing CTRL + S. Now you can drag and drop the file to import your contacts to​

9. Once you’re all imported, download Hit Em Up to start your Texting Campaign.​

how-to-send-text-to-multiple-contacts-without-group-message-mass-text-hit-em-up-iPhone-Apple-App-Store how-to-send-text-to-multiple-contacts-without-group-message-mass-text-hit-em-up-Android-GooglePlay-Store


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Β· 4 min read
Zakery Kline

How to send a Video New Year Mass Text πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰β€‹

Hi Everyone!

Karen from Hit Em Up here!

Happy ALMOST New Year! πŸŽ„

Today, I thought it would be the perfect moment to show you how to send a video with your Hit Em Up Mass Text Messages to add a super personal touch to your texts. A quick 15 second New Year Greeting, for instance, would be a lot of fun and extremely powerful! So let's jump in.

Tap Play on the video above to learn how to include a link that will show your video to everyone you send your Video Mass Text Message.

I hope you found this information in the video above useful and empowering. Please share your comments and questions below.

As 2020 finally comes to a close, who among us could not use a shout out and a few kind words of encouragement as we start the new year?

If you send out any uplifting video message to your followers and would like to share it with the Hit Em Up community as inspiration, please post a link below. We also welcome your links to a video message to the Hit Em Up community with ideas they can use in 2021 to get the most from Hit Em Up or improve the lives of the people they help.

Happy New Year!



@ Team Hit Em Up App


A little more info on why we attach videos the way we do:​

Woahh, Karen! I hear some of you saying. Uploading and hosting the video someplace else seems like extra work. I want to include the video in the messages I send, just like I do with photos and emojis.

Well... no, you don't, and let me explain why. As we know, a video is nothing more than a series of still photos stitched together. A small video is still a HUGE file in size. As the video gets longer, sending becomes slow and sluggish because your iPhone must send that video for EACH person you message. It also stores multiple copies on your phoneβ€” one copy for each person you send. Yikes. That's a lot of storage used up.

The longer the video, the larger its file size, and the more memory it consumes on your phone, iPad, or computer, and that's just for the first copy.​

So, for example, if you want to text that video to 20 members of your Family & Friends group, that would mean your phone would need to store 20 copies of the video in its text message history file. You would be uploading 20 clones of the same video to Apple for iMessage or your phone carrier for regular text messages and then passing it on to your recipients' phone carrier for delivery.

Do that more than a few times, and you could get the dreaded Device's "Message Failed to Send" error at an inopportune time. Your carrier may even get annoyed and start to rate limit you, slowing down your messages even more. Learn more about how telecoms define unwanted traffic/spam here.

You will also run into similar problems attempting to send emails with large attachments.

That's why we took the time to make our video guide on how to send a video mass text from iPhone (and Android) above. We also help you build your social media following at the same time (only if you want). We hope you enjoy it, and we welcome your comments and questions below!

Now, we get back on our lesson track. Watch how easy and beneficial it is for all parties involved in delivering your video messages if you do it using a hosted delivery service like YouTube at the video above πŸ™‚



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Β· 5 min read
Zakery Kline

πŸŽ„ A holiday message from our founder:​

The Pandemic has hit us all hard. A lot of folks are hurting now. As leaders, it is essential to remember that we have a responsibility in times of trouble to lift the spirits of and give hope to people.

When I created Hit Em Up back in 2013, I helped a young entrepreneur and go-getter engage his customers better and save his team time texting. However, as the app gained popularity and our customers (you) told us what a blessing the app has been in their lives, I knew that Hit Em Up needed to reach more people.

I'll never forget one call with a customer back in the early days who gave us feedback on the app. He was a life coach and clergyman. To be honest, his call nearly brought me to tears... He explained that he used the app daily to motivate at-risk folks to help them rebuild their lives. He felt that the Hit Em Up texts kept their spirits high. Each day he would wake up at 4:00 AM to prepare his daily inspirational message to his few hundred in his flock. He included their name in each message, so they knew they were not alone in their journey and that someone truly cared about them. He felt that Hit Em Up allowed him to communicate that they are individuals of worth and potential.

This customer's call made me realize Hit Em Up was more than just about texting. Hit Em Up is about enabling leaders to lift people up. In so doing, Hit Em Up makes you a leader.

So yes. We love to hear the stories from you about how you have increased your sales, saved your businesses during the Pandemic, and communicated mission-critical information.

But Hit Em Up is so much more. Let it be a stepping stone for you to become a stronger and better motivator in your communities.

Your letters, calls, and fantastic reviews on the app store are what drives us each day to serve you. But, it's not how much you love the app which inspires us. It's what YOU HAVE DONE WITH THE APP that humbles and inspires us.

No matter where you are in your journey as a leader, I want to let you know I am proud of you. Also, I have a challenge for you in the coming weeks as the Pandemic continues to hurt many families across the country.

In your pocket, you have a mass text app that has enabled you to improve your life quality and save you time. But let's reimagine what you can use it for and what role you can play in your community with such a tool.

This holiday season: let's focus on making you a leader of your community above all else.

Good leaders understand that acknowledging others' suffering during times of hardship and offering a helping hand is the best way to lift spirits. Give the people in your community a shoulder to lean on.

My challenge to you is as follows​

Send a text message using Hit Em Up that inspires your audience through a humble message that brightens people's lives.

Here are some suggestions I have made just for you:


Hi ::firstname::, I know the Pandemic has been hard on all of us, and I want to let you know I am here for you always. If there's anything I can do, even if you just need someone to talk to, I am here.

Hi ::firstname::, I wanted to see how you are doing. I know this holiday season is like no other because of the Pandemic. I'm not sure if you're one of them, but some folks can't visit with their families now, and I wanted you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are going to get through this together.

Hi ::firstname::, 2020 has been a tough year for us all, but I wanted to let you know I am here for you, and you are not alone. We are going to get through this. Hang tight and let me know if you need anything, even if it's just a virtual hug. We are stronger together. πŸ’ͺ

Feel free to take and modify these suggestions to fit your needs and audience. You can save them to a template in Hit Em Up by copying and pasting them into the app's chat input and pressing the paper icon in the lower left.

If you are already leading people using Hit Em Up and have suggestions for the thousands of others who use the app, please leave a comment below. Your tips can help us all pay it forward and improve the lives of many.

I want to let you know that you motivate us when you share your Hit Em Up success stories with us via the support chat and especially in reviews on the app store. You also are helping other Hit Em Up users learn to be better leaders too through your example. Thank you.

Happy holidays and happy sending.


Zak signature

Zak Kline

Founder @ Hit Em Up


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Β· 3 min read
Zakery Kline


Your favorite Mass Text and Group Texting App Hit Em Up, Mass Text and Bulk SMS is now in open beta available on the Mac! Click here to get.

You read that right. This is the first ever fully native Mac App that lets you send genuine mass text messages with recipients names in them in quick succession to a lot of people via iMessage, SMS (when tethered to your iPhone), Group Text, WhatsApp, and more! No more messy group texts.

Your life just got way easier. Because Hit Em Up integrates directly with your Mac's Contactbook, dragging in CSV files and vCards to your Mac's addressbook app get reflected in real time directly in Hit Em Up. You can even create your own lists within Hit Em Up directly by selecting who you want to send to and giving the group a name and text from computer!

Hit Em Up leverages the power of your existing iCloud Contact Account to sync all your groups from your computer to your iPhone or iPad too so you can send from anywhere on any device.


This is massive news not only for the thousands of existing Hit Em Up customers who get to use this Mass Text App on their Mac at no additional charge to their existing membership, but to all the folks who are just getting started with us who need to text their students, customers, congregations, and teams.

While Hit Em Up for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android can also send personalized e-mail blasts, the true power of Hit Em Up is it's 98% open rate personal texting technology. Our users have increased their sales in some cases 200% with Hit Em Up Mass Text. Others have used the technology to get vital emergency information to hospital workers in COVID-19 units when emergency strikes and the intercom alone doesn't cut it. What can you do with a 98% open rate for your messages?


And sending texts with Hit Em Up is sooo much easier than doing it manually. Hit Em Up speeds up writing out personalized messages that are designed for maximum deliverability by offering tag inserts that ensure each message is unique and personal. Calling someone by name not only ensure the person feels that you are texting them personally and that they should not ignore your message, but it also plays a vital role in helping your messages meet USA telecom standards of personal texting so that your phone number doesn't get disabled or your messages get bounced back.

So how can you leverage Hit Em Up's personalized batch text repeater functions?

  1. Download Hit Em Up now on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android Phone.

  2. (iPad and Mac only Step): Setup text message forwarding to your iPhone so your Mac or iPad is SMS ready.

  3. Make a list in Hit Em Up by pressing Create Group/New List and write your message to send!

It really is as easy as 1,2,3. Let us know how you like the new version of Hit Em Up Mass Text for Mac.


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Β· 3 min read
Zakery Kline


Curious how to send a BCC Text Message from your iPhone or Android phone? You probably read help articles like this and couldn't find a good answer. Do you want to get the word out to a lot of people, but do not want your recipients to see each other or their replies? Well, look no further: Here's how to send a BCC Text Message to quickly blind copy selected contacts on your phone with personalized, individual messages like a group text where replies only come back to the sender (you).

Step 1: Get Hit Em Up App. Hit Em Up is a mass text app with bbc. It's entirely free to try, and it's the absolute best way to send BCC Text Message messages from your iPhone or Android Device:​

how-to-send-text-to-multiple-contacts-without-group-message-mass-text-hit-em-up-iPhone-Apple-App-Store how-to-send-text-to-multiple-contacts-without-group-message-mass-text-hit-em-up-Android-GooglePlay-Store

Step 2: Open Hit Em Up and select the folks you'd like to send your BCC Text Message Blast to like this:​


Step 3: Compose your personalized BCC Text Message by tapping the 'Compose' Button:​


Notice how you can insert the Firstname and Lastname of your contacts' into your private BCC Text Message, letting you personalize your mass text and make each recipient feel unique and special.

Step 4: Tap 'Next' to preview how your BCC Text Message will look like to each recipient before you send it off as individualized mass text messages. It's basically a group text with the reply to sender only.​


Step 5: Tap "Send to 'X' number of contacts." This button will send your BCC Text Message messages to each person individually so that they are unique to each person and the reply goes to the sender only. You are organizing your BCC Text Message messages like a group text, but the replies go to the sender only, and it's entirely private between each recipient and you (they can't see who else you sent your BCC Text Message to).​

The best part is that the messages come from your own personal phone number, just like if you sent them normally with your SMS or iMessage Messages App!

So give Hit Em Up App a try to send your BCC Text Message. It's entirely risk-free and free to try. No Credit Card or commitment of any kind required. Our community of leaders loves it as you'll see in the reviews on the App Store before you download it and please ask us any questions if you get stuck! We have some of the best support around!

how-to-send-text-to-multiple-contacts-without-group-message-mass-text-hit-em-up-iPhone-Apple-App-Store how-to-send-text-to-multiple-contacts-without-group-message-mass-text-hit-em-up-Android-GooglePlay-Store


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