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Sort Order of Contacts

Sort Order of Contacts Video Tutorial​

Quickly change the Sort By option​

Default option is Sort By First Name​

Everybody has personal preferences about how they want their contacts to be sorted, whether by First Name, Last Name or Last Name, First Name or even by the Organization depending on your needs.

You can quickly change those settings in Hit Em Up.

Tap Settings at the bottom corner.


Tap App Settings.


Tap Sort By, you can see it's set to Sort By First Name.


Change option to Sort by Last Name​

You can change it to Last Name.


View Changes in Sort By​

Manage Contacts​

Go to Manage Contacts.


On the Manage Contacts screen, you can see it's made all the last names bold, and it's sorting by the last name.



This will hold true for every list, so if you go to My Lists.


Tap on a group and you will see it's still sorting by the last name now.


So that's used throughout the entire app.

Sort By Organization​

Go to Settings and then App Settings sort by Organization,


Ge go back to My Contacts, you'll see that it sorts by the organization, so it no longer shows you the phone number, but it'll show you the organization the member is a part of.


So that's how to change the sort order of your contacts on Hit Em Up.

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